10 Safest Countries In The World According To GPI 2017

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World is a beautiful place to explore. Nothing is better than traveling to other countries as they offer you artistic as well as natural values. However, sometimes your trip got spoiled due to the absence of peace values. Hence, today we have brought you top 10 safest countries according to Global Peace Index 2017.

10. Ireland

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Ireland is on the tenth spot in the list of the safest countries with a GPI of 1.408. The peacefulness of the country makes it more desirable to us.

9. Switzerland

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The country scored 1.373 in GPI. No doubt, the romantic country is one of the safest countries in the world.

8. Canada

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Canada scored 1.371 GPI and became the only North American country to enter the top 10 list.

7. Slovenia

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The central European country captured the seventh spot with GPI score of 1.364. No doubt, the mountains lakes and ski resorts provide you an alluring and peaceful atmosphere.

6. Czech Republic

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The historical values and great peace values make it one of the best countries to visit. Grabbing the sixth spot Czech Republic scored 1.360 in GPI.

5. Denmark

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Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The GPI score of Denmark is 1.337 that secured the fifth position for the country.

4. Austria

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The matchless beauty of nature makes the country, a seductress. Apart from it, here you will have a peaceful experience as the GPI score of the country is 1.265.

3. Portugal

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If you are looking for a peaceful country that has architectural as well as historical values, Portugal is the best option you have. With a GPI of 1.258 it is the third safest country in the world.

2. New Zealand

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New Zealand is the second safest country in the world. The 1.241 GPI makes it one of the most desirable countries.

1. Iceland

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The Nordic island country, Iceland is the most peaceful country in the word. Here, the threats are negligible and the GPI score of the country is 1.111.

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