Deepika Padukone Is Being Paid More Amount Than Shahid And Ranveer For Padmavati



The payment is not uniform in Bollywood. Moreover, this is one of the prime concerns of the actresses as they do not receive equal amount to the amount that their co-actors receive. Undoubtedly, we see a lot of disparity on the bases of payment. However, according to sources, Deepika Padukone is being paid a huge amount of 13 crore for her role in the movie “Padmavati” and this amount is more than the individual payment of Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.


13 Crores For Padmavati

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This is the first time in Indian Cinema that an actress is getting more money than her male co actors. According to sources, Deepika will put 13 crore to her bank account from the movie. However, her male counterparts Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh will receive 10 crore each. The movie is about the Princess Padmavati who was the attention arrester of Allauddeen Khilji. Hence, the Rajputana Princess and the Mughal ruler of medieval era are the prime characters in the story.


Getting Big Money

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No doubt, Deepika is ultra popular she has been giving hits after hits. Furthermore, she made her Hollywood debut recently. So keeping her popularity in mind, the beautiful actress charged this whopping amount for her titular role in Padmavati. Since the film is mounted on its female protagonist, she has all the rights for getting big money. No doubt, the deal made her an iconoclast as well as the highest paid actress in Bollywood. Moreover, it shows her dominance in Bollywood. 


An Exemplary Statement

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Deepika Padukone never misses the chance to impress us and this time she set an example for the Bollywood actresses. All in all, it is an exemplary statement for the women all across the nation that they are not behind their male counterparts. 

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