The Truth Behind Viral Video Of Rapist Ram Rahim Singh’s Gufa

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Most of the people believe in modern babas more than themselves. There are real babas too and they don’t take even a penny from devotees. They look very simple, like to be alone always and they don’t talk much too.

And these fake babas like Ram Rahim Singh really spoil the meaning of baba itself. These babas exploit innocent people, and in the name of religion, they mint crores from devotees and also rape women to quench their hunger for sex.

It’s not always possible to escape and we all know that this fake baba was sentenced to 20 years in jail after he was found him guilty on both the rape charges. But instead of 20 years of imprisonment, if he was hanged to death, it would have instilled even more confidence in women that culprits will be punished brutally.

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Amidst of all this, a video “Baba Ram Rahim Gufa” is going viral on the internet. In the video, you could see lavish dining area and king size bedroom which resembles like a royal palace. Gufa was supposed to be Baba’s personal underground space wherein he reportedly raped women.

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You can also see policemen forcibly breaking the doors and entering the rooms.

The video title says, it is “Baba Ram Rahim Gufa”, but hold on… is it really his gufa?


It’s Naam Charcha Ghar and not the rapist baba’s gufa!

Around 103 “Naam Charcha Ghars” of Baba have been sanitized by Haryana Police in various districts. According to BS Sandhu, the DGP

17 Naam Charcha ghars have been sanitized in district Fatehabad, 13 in district Ambala, 10 each in districts Kurukshetra and Karnal, nine each in districts Kaithal and Panipat, seven in district Yamunanagar, six in district Jind, four each in district Panchkula and Hisar, three in district Bhiwani, two each in districts Sonepat, Jhajjar, Hansi and Rewari and one each in districts in Gurugram, Faridabad and Rohtak.

There are many Naam Charcha ghars in Panchkula and here, his followers used to pray for his good health. Even Police confirmed that Ram Rahim Singh’s Dera Sacha Sauda is yet to be raided. So, this proves that this video is definitely not of the rapist baba’s gufa!

Media will always be first to create hype and they can portray a good person as bad person and a vulgar person to a great person. So, it is always good to verify first and then trust it. Ram Rahim income will also surprise you, you can check his income here.

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