What You Can Tell About Women From Their Sleeping Positions

Sleeping Positions


There are several behaviours and actions that women do subconsciously. These actions many a time show different parts of our personality that we might not have noticed or picked up on earlier. One action where we cannot notice things about ourselves are when we are asleep. We are unaware how our external body is and how it looks like and what it could mean with respect to our personality. 

It can be surprising to know that your sleeping position tells so much about you, whether you sleep rigid and straight or flexible and free, there’s a character trait you didn’t even know hidden in there. Down below you will see a compilation of some of the most common sleeping habits found in women and what they say about their personalities:


1. Foetal Position

Women sleeping in Foetal position

The foetal position of sleeping, much like the name describes, is when you sleep in the foetal position. Women who sleep like this have an interesting character trait: they are generally tough and composed on the outside. However, they tend to be soft, sensitive and even shy on the inside contrary to their strong exterior. If one sleeps in this position, it may be seen as a sign for them to need warmth and comfort. These women often have the need to feel protected, understood and sympathized with. They also generally tend to overthink and worry excessively in case of problems.


2. The Side Logger

Women sleeping in sideways position

Much like the name suggests, the Side Logger tends to sleep like a log on their side with their arms and legs extended straight down. This describes the woman’s personality as trusting and calm. Contrary to how it looks, although rigid, the women, in fact, are not as tough. They are very extroverted and social.


3. The Starfish

Women sleeping in starfish position

Although unconventional, the starfish position involves stretching the limbs in all directions like a starfish. These women tend to make friendships a huge priority in their lives and are very loyal. Again, contrary to their position, these women tend to go out of their way to help people and make great listeners.


4. Straight as a Board

Women sleeping in straight position

This position is when the woman sleeps on the back with her arms facing right down. This suggests that she is reserved, quiet and introverted. These women tend to think highly of themselves as well. They also snore too!


5. The Freefall

Women sleeping in freefall position

These women sleep on their belly with their arms spread out over their pillow. They are extroverted, playful and have an energetic personality. Although they are peppy, they are sensitive, especially to criticism but are risk takers.

Still confused understanding women? Here are a few things which a woman wants but never asks for, so from next time understand your girlfriend and take desirable step. Did your sleeping position make it to the list? If not, let us know in the comments below!  🙂 

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