Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber Thrashed Jet Airways On Twitter Due To Their Discomfort

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Twitter has become one of the best places to share the discomfort about any company. Moreover, if you are a celebrity you would definitely get a huge response there. Hence, the former adult actress Sunny Leone shared her discomfort with Jet Airways. She and her husband faced chronic delay in their flights.


Sunny Leone VS Jet Airways

Jet Airways

Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber involved in a minor controversy against Jet Airways. She and Daniel traveled by Jet Airways 4 times this week and the flights were 1 hour late which is undoubtedly intolerable.


Pissed Off


Pissed off by Jet Airways, Sunny Leone Tweeted that the flight was delayed by one hour every day and she said that something should be done in this regard.


Jet Airways Replied


To that, Jet Airways replied that they regret for that and they would call her ASAP.


Fault Of Airport


Later that day Daniel wrote that he received a call from them and they put the blame on Airport.


At Least They Called



To this, Sunny Leone retweeted “ At least they called”. Undoubtedly, she was being sarcastic with her remark but Jet Airways did not understand and they tweeted “Thanks for your understanding Sunny”.


Twitterati Shared Their Discomfort







After that people from all over the country tweeted their discomfort and some of them suggested opting for other airways.

Do you have any good or bad experience with Jet Airways? Share in the comments.

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