What This Jammikunta Village Does Everyday Make You Feel Wow

Jammikunta VillageJammikunta Village


Patriotism is something that should flow in your blood. Most of the people keep in their public profiles that they are “proud Indian”. But to only few people, blood gets boiled if something harm does to their mother land.

A national anthem unites entire village in Telangana not on Independence day but every single day.

The patriotic fervor turns the village of Jammikunta in Karimnagar district of Telangana to a silent mode every morning at 7:54. It is mandatory for the entire village to stand still during the playing of the song every day no matter where one is at that time.



16 loudspeakers were placed at strategic locations across the town of 45,000. As soon as the singing of national anthem is announced; road transport buses, autos, motorists, two-wheeler riders, children walking to school, general public on the road, everything and everyone stops their work.

Life for Jammikunta people resumes only after the 52-second national anthem is played.


Even the youngsters are taking great pride. “Can’t we stand for 52 seconds for the pride of our nation,” says Md. Jani, a student, who supports his education by riding an autorickshaw.

And the man behind this initiative is Jammikunta Town police inspector P Prashanth Reddy.


Inspector Reddy said, “90 per cent of the town cannot recite the national anthem beyond Jana gana mana. It is not just about patriotism but also about knowing your national anthem. In my interactions with public over the years, I have found out that most of the people cannot recite the national anthem completely. 




The initiative was taken during the 71st Independence Day of India and it has received a very positive response from the people. Police said even beggars stood up and passing truck drivers switched off their vehicles as the national anthem played. 

“Everyone knows everyone in our village but meeting them every day during National Anthem is making our bonds stronger. We get at least some time to share our thoughts, well being,” says Dr.Rajashekaram, who practices as a physician in this village.

“We play the national anthem every day to showcase our love for our motherland. We are all Indians and we are proud of it. Jai hind!” said another villager.


“I believe it can be a good crime prevention tool. If a person leaves home in the morning with the intention of committing a crime but on the way pauses for a minute while the national anthem is played, he would change his mind. His sense of responsibility towards the society would be awakened and he may resist from committing a crime. I think that horrific crimes like Nirbhaya rape which stigmatized the entire country can be prevented if we instill pride for country in people especially the youth,’’ said police inspector P Prashanth Reddy.


“The national anthem is also called the morning song of India. Rather than singing it in the dark cinema theatres and halls, I would rather sing it out in the sun alongside people from all walks of life. People says they feel good after the national anthem,’’ said Reddy. 

Citizens voluntarily stop everywhere for the anthem without any police intervention. Jammikunta has definitely shown that if there’s a will there’s a way and National Anthem does bind them together.

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