70th Independence Day Survey: Shocking Facts About Youth



A shocking fact has been revealed in the survey related to 70th Independence Day

Podar Institute of Education conducted a survey in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai among 18-23 age groups.

The fact revealed is very shocking…surprise

Only 8% of Chennai Youth, 10% of Mumbai Youth and 12% of Bangalore Youth knew what the colours of the national flag stand for.




The Youth in all these three cities who could sing national anthem correctly are just 40%.




When asked questions about freedom fighters, the count is pathetic.

The survey was conducted at coffee shops, college campuses and metro stations between May and August.

The director of Podar Institute of Education Swati Popat Vats said, “It is shocking that none of the questions had a success rate of more than 50%. These are important facts that make up our country's historical and cultural fabric. A lot of them (respondents) could pick the right answer once the options were given to them. However, it shows that youngsters today are dependent on the web for answers.”

Clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany said, "The dependency on smart phones and web means that we are not using our memory at all. Young people should not try to use the web for instant gratification but otherwise they must turn to traditional methods like books and papers. Using one's own memory also helps keep the brain healthy longer" .


It’s Time To Analyze…


How much efficiently we all using brain to remember things?

How much we know about our freedom fighters who freed us from monstrous slavery?

Can we sing national anthem without any mistake?

Do we know the meaning of tricolors in our national flag?

How much we know about our country India?



Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.


The flag of my country furls very high.



Jai Hind!


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