There Is A Scientific Reason Why Kolkata Police Wears White Uniform

Kolkata Police


Indian Police can be identified by their Khaki uniform. Moreover, the Khaki color has become the symbol of power and responsibilities due to it. However, Kolkata Police wears white uniform, which is utterly different than the police uniform of any other part of India. Moreover, the West Bengal police wear the default Khaki uniform but the Kolkata Police is different.


A Scientific Reason

Kolkata Police

It is not because they want to show Kolkata Police different than other police. The reason behind this white color is somewhat scientific. It is true that Kolkata Police was organized by the British Government in 1845 and they decided the white color for their uniform. It is because white color was comfortable for them. Since Kolkata is a coastal area, the humidity is comparatively higher there. Hence, white color is scientifically better choice. Furthermore, white color does not absorb the heat coming from the sunlight. Same logic is being used behind the navy uniform.


Kolkata Police Has Full Autonomy

Kolkata Police

Another surprising fact is that the Police of Kolkata has full autonomy for the security and traffic rules in Kolkata. To conclude, the state police or the government cannot interfere in the matter. Although, the West Bengal police handle 18 districts but Police of Kolkata is different than them. Kolkata Police was organized in 1845 while the West Bengal police was organized in 1861.


“Angrez Chale Gaye Uniform Chhod Gaye”

Kolkata Police

The British Government is no longer there but the white uniform of the Police is still there and we cannot argue with the scientific logic behind it. All in all, now we know why the color of Navy’s uniform is white. It keeps them safe from the sweaty heat.

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