Watch Video: A Student Tries To Prank With His Teacher On Teacher’s Day; He Schooled Him

Student Tries To Prank With His Teacher

An old video that shows several students prankishly sprinkling snow on their teacher has become popular online on Teacher’s Day. The students also received friendly teacher teasing for their malicious behavior. Read further to know more about the story, watch the amusing video, and celebrate Teachers Day with us. Happy reading!


Watch The Video

In the clip, a teacher can be seen joking about with a student during what appears to be a school birthday celebration. In the video, the youngster amusingly throws snowballs all over the classroom, which catches the teacher’s eye. As the student approaches, the teacher jokingly grabs him by the collar and further pins him down on a table in a lighthearted manner. Despite being physical, this exchange seems hilarious and lighthearted, which makes Twitter users laugh.


The People React On The Video

The video has accumulated over 42000 likes since being shared. Most viewers find the video amusing and have posted emoticons of laughing in the comments section, while others have made jokes about the teacher’s entertaining interactions with the children.

Some users wrote, “Wishing you a harmonious Teachers’⁤⁤ Day celebration!” Another one wrote, “Wholesome funny video on teachers’ day.” One compared it with WWE, “It reminds WWE wrestling.” One user wrote that the student deserved it, “Good, the student deserves the beating.”


Celebrating Teacher’s Day

Teachers’ Day is a special day where we celebrate the profound impact on society and recognize teachers’ invaluable role in shaping future generations. We wish all the Gurus a Happy Teacher’s Day! May your dedication to teaching never fade, inspiring countless people to achieve success, enlightenment, and a deep love of learning. We appreciate your unwavering commitment and hope your efforts will be amply repaid with happiness and contentment. Cheers to teachers!

Which teacher of yours is your favorite? What is one lesson your teacher taught you that you will never forget? Make sure to share your opinions with us in the comment section below. Your response is much awaited.

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Geetika Negi
the authorGeetika Negi