Watch Viral Video: Girls Smashing Piggy Bank To Find Rs 2000 Notes Money

Girl Smashing Piggy Bank Rs 2000 Note

After the Reserve Bank of India announced that it would stop printing Rs 2000 notes, some people deposited them in banks while others used them to make purchases. A video of two girls smashing a piggy bank stuffed with Rs 2,000 recently went viral. Continue reading!


Viral Video: Girls Smashing Piggy Bank

The girls revealed their piggy bank in the video. One of the girls then smashed her bank, which contained only five hundred and two thousand rupee notes. The spectators were extremely stunned by this discovery. The video’s caption is written, “So much money, oh my god, I put money in the morning and take it out in the evening.” Here is the video:


Social Media In Wonder

The girls had no option but to open their piggy banks after the announcement was made. However, they were shocked to discover that when they opened the piggy banks, there was a sizable sum of money inside.

Social media users were in wonder as they watched the girls collect a sizable number of Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes, unable to understand the massive savings they had amassed in their piggy banks.

Moreover, the video has received over 36 million views to date and is constantly growing. A number of individuals commented on the video. A user said, “Never got this much money from my piggy bank.” “Hello, income tax department,” another wrote.

How did the girls manage to save such a large sum of money? That’s a lot, for real! We know you, too, are surprised, but we would love to hear you. Comment your reactions.

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