Seema Haider-Sachin Meena’s Neighbor Is Back With Another Rant; Video Goes Viral

Seema Haider Sachin Meena Neighbor Video

Seema Haider is no longer the center of attention; instead, it is her Indian neighbor, whose wit and humor have taken over Desi’s Twitter and made everyone laugh. The woman who created the slogan “Lappu Sa Sachin” has released a new video with an updated version of her humorous outburst, which has caused the internet to go crazy once more. Users are giggling uncontrollably when they view the video as a result. Keep reading to know more about the topic.


The New Viral Rant

Sachin Meena Neighbor

The woman makes a cameo appearance in the most recent video wearing a different green saree and repeats her earlier remarks, which unintentionally turned out to be humorous.

“Pyar ke liye koi reasons hone chahiye. Normal si baat hai, aadmi to hona chahiye. Vo keeda sa to ladka…jhingur sa. Vo sukha sa…kabhi tez hawa chal gai na to pata nahi kitni dur jake padega.”

As a result, she continuously criticizes Sachin Meena, Seema’s Indian boyfriend, and questions the Pakistani woman’s motivations for liking him time and time again.

Furthermore, She moves to Seema after roasting Sachin and asks,

“Issey pyaar krke aai hai woh? pakistan mai isko pyaar nhi mila ? jo hamare yaha pe aagyi ?! dusra chaar baccho ko leke aai …

In addition, a man can be seen in the background of the video chuckling, which heightens its comedy. Watch the video here :

Amusing Responses From Various Users

Seema Haider

The video rapidly became popular and had thousands of views, breaking the internet. The video was thus inundated with funny comments praising her roasting abilities. She was even compared by some users to the YouTuber Carry Minati.

“Bhabhi ji got no chill…” and “This lady’s husband should be awarded for tolerating her.” are some of the comments.

Her previous infamous line, “Sachin…Kya hai Sachin me. Lappu sa Sachin ha. Bolna use aave na. Bolta vo hai na…jhingur sa ladka,” has since become a meme. With the release of this new video, Desis’ enthusiasm is only growing.


Seema Is To Feature In A Movie?

A Tailor Murder Story, a film based on the murder of Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal by Islamic radicals, may soon feature Seema, a 30-year-old Pakistani national who made news for her unauthorized entry into India.

According to reports, Seema attended an audition for the movie with a team from Jani Firefox Production House in Greater Noida. Furthermore, the audition was reportedly run by Bollywood filmmakers Jayant Sinha and Bharat Singh. Despite being accused of being an ISI agent, Seema will reportedly portray a RAW officer in the film.

What do you think of this new rant by the neighbor? Will you watch Seema’s upcoming movie? Make sure to share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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