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This Video Has An Amazing Return Gift To Pakistani Ad On Abhinandan


Cricket is not a game in India, it is a religion. As the World Cup fever is on, we can see many advertisements running and creating hype for the matches. The most epic clash of any World Cup is the match between India vs Pakistan. This week Pakistani TV channel has made a video on a much-anticipated match of this World Cup, India vs Pakistan which is on June 16th. However, in the video, they have mocked Wing Commander Abhinandan in the video. This did not go well with the Indian audiences and the video was trolled for all the wrong reasons.

Pakistani Ad Mocked IFS Wing Commander Abhinandan

In the Pakistani Ad, we have seen how they were mocking our Wing Commander Abhinandan by using his lines “Sorry, I am not supposed to tell you this.” In that video, they gave one guy a look of Abhinandan and were making fun of him. At the end of the video, they allowed him to go but took the teacup from him. This was not a sign of good gesture. Even though Pakistan is aware that they have never won against India in the World Cup. Probably that was the reason they tried to tease India with this kind of an ad.


India’s Return Gift

Response To Pakistani Ad Return Gift

But they should have been aware that this is Naya Hindustan. We know how to return things with interest. We Indians have come up with the amazing return gift to this Pakistani Ad on Abhinandan. In the video, one Pakistani fan in a saloon tries to tease Indian fan on Father’s Day by gifting a handkerchief.

Response To Pakistani Ad Return Gift

When Indian ask what is this, Pakistani guy replies, this is what you need after losing. He again mocks Indian by saying that just a day is enough for a son to become a father. This offends both an Indian fan and the barber. What happened next is the perfect response from an Indian fan. You can watch the video below.

Isn’t hilarious and epic? The barber gave him an Abhinandan mustache cut and Indian fan tells him that this is our National Hero’s style. The Pakistani fan gets nervous as he has friends waiting outside. Indian fan gives him the same handkerchief to hide his face and tells him that a day is enough for a father to make son understand.  In the end, he said that you don’t have the World Cup in your destiny. The only thing you have is the soiled cup of Abhinandan’s tea.

This is an amazing return gift from an Indian fan. Till now in the World Cup, India is undefeated with 2 wins and a no result game against New Zealand. While Pakistan has 1 win, 2 loss and a no result game. Stay tuned with us for all the key moments of the World Cup and an arch rivalry of India vs Pakistan.

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