Raveena Tandon Criticises The Shameful Video Of People Putting Cake In Lion’s Face

Raveena reacts on lion videovia

How many times we have seen that just for fun many people torture animals? Many times we see educated fools behaves like a most illiterate people. Just for showing their status and class, they torture animals. Raveena Tandon, a Bollywood celebrity is active on social media and always share adorable photos and clips of animals. She always raises her voice for animal rights.

Raveena reacts on lion video

Recently, Raveena Tandon came across a post on social media in which a bunch of people was torturing a lion. In the video, there was a group of people with a lion sitting with them. Those people tried to do a prank with a lion. They slammed a cake in a lion’s face and the lion got terrified with it. They enjoyed and feeling entertained while the lion was scared and running here and there.  Watch the video below

The post received wrath from many people in social media. Raveena Tandon shared the post and shown her anger in response that these type of people should rot in hell and should taste their own medicine.

Animal abuse is illegal in many countries and we hope these people should face punishment for torturing an animal. You can watch the video of the incident in which two hunters were posing by killing a lion, but karma finds its way back. Also, you can check out the animal protection law in India.

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Praneet Samaiya
the authorPraneet Samaiya