Pakistani Ad On World Cup Made Fun Of IFS Wing Commander Abhinandan

It Is A Sign Of Pure Disrespect


Cricket is adored like a religion in India. And when it is about the World Cup, the excitement is beyond description. This year, the fans are super excited to see the clash between India and Pakistan which is scheduled to take place on 16 June 2019. We are seeing lots of advertisements regarding the World Cup but probably the worst one came from Pakistan. The Pakistani ad mocked the IFS Wing Commander Abhinandan in it and it seems like an all-time low.


The Pakistani Ad That Gained Notoriety

Pakistani Ad Mocked IFS Wing Commander Abhinandan

The ad is doing rounds over YouTube and gaining a lot of notoriety. The 33-second long video features a guy who impersonates the Indian Wing Commander and has also copied the same mustache style. The guy was being asked what he would do after winning the toss and what would be the playing XI. These kinds of questions are asked during the toss time. However, the reply of the fake Abhinandan was, “Sorry! I am not supposed to tell you this”. This is what the Indian wing commander replied while he was being interrogated. At the end of the video, they allowed him to go but snatched the teacup away from him.


India Vs Pakistan

Maybe this is their way of telling that they will capture the cup but it is not that much easy and probably this teacup will be the only thing that they would win after the end of the tournament. Moreover, there are high chances that Pakistan will once again fail against India in the world cup.


Sports Teach Us How To Respect But This Is Something Disrespectful

Pakistani Ad Mocked IFS Wing Commander Abhinandan

No matter how much we adore cricket, at the end of the day, it is just a game. But a soldier is much more for a country. The soldiers are the real heroes of a country and making fun of them is clearly a sign of disrespect. The India-Pakistan clash is always treated as a war. But in reality, it is just a game which is supposed to be enjoyed and something that teaches us a lot about on-field respect. But video like this is a sign of disrespect.

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