20 Unknown Heroes Of India Who Devoted Their Lives For A Cause

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16. Atul Bhide – Built Toilets In Rural India With His Own Money


Sanitation which is one of the biggest problems of India is neglected in rural India. A small village Sogav located 80 km from Mumbai had no toilets until Atul Bhide came and constructed over 200 of them. He is also involved in various community services. Bhide’s dream is to see an India where every house has a toilet.


17. Suresh and Indira Soni – Developed An Entire Village For Leprosy And Mentally Disabled People


Even in this modern world, there are still some group of people believe in caste distinctions and untouchables. However, this couple has developed an entire village for them. Usually, people suffering from leprosy, mental sickness, etc. are not welcomed by the so-called “normal” people of the society.

Suresh and Indira Soni started the ‘Sahyog Kushtha Yagna Trust’ in Gujarat, for them who live here freely without any prejudice. Spread over 30 acres of land, Sahyog has given a new life to many less fortunate people.


18. Navin Gulia – Despite His Disabledness, He Runs NGO To Bring Change In The Lives Of Marginalized Children


Since childhood, Navin Gulia wanted to join Indian Army as a “Commando”. An unfortunate event changed his life forever and made him disabled. He spent two years in a hospital, unable to move. However, Gulia being passionate has started an initiative, ‘Apni Duniya Apna Ashiana’, to support marginalized children from weaker sections of society.

Modifying a basic Maruti 800 into a disabled-friendly model, Gulia drove to Khardung La, and hit the headlines for driving non-stop for 55 hours. Gulia is an example of true courage and immense passion. Clearly, no disability is strong enough to stop someone from chasing his dreams.


19. Babar Ali – The Youngest Headmaster


Babar Ali started his own school when he was just 9-year-old. He observed that several kids couldn’t get an opportunity to attend school due to their financial problem. So, every day he would come back from school and start teaching what he had learned in school that day to those kids.

Isn’t this amazing? Today, Babar Ali is 25 and has won several awards.

He said, “I was a class 5 student then. I got together eight young kids and started teaching them after returning from my school. I just thought I’ll teach them what I learnt in class. Sometimes, I would not even have lunch; I would just come back from school and directly start teaching them”.


20. Dr. Rani Bang – Providing Modern Medical Facilities To Tribal People


Gynecologist Dr. Rani Bang has been serving in the remotest areas for over 20 years by setting up the society for Education, Acton, and Research in community health, along with her doctor husband Abhay. She started many such healthcare initiatives across India, introduced modern medicine in tribal villages and made the villagers aware of good healthcare facilities

There are some doctors who first take money before treating a patient. And, there are many doctors looking for high-paying jobs in the biggest hospitals in the country. This amazing woman and her husband is truly an inspiration. And still the list goes one… there are many souls who are working tirelessly for the betterment of society. And we thank every such individual.

Which individual inspired you the most? And what action you are going to take to bring change in the lives of the people? Share us in the comments. Don’t forget to check out this inspirational rappeler amma.

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