20 Unknown Heroes Of India Who Devoted Their Lives For A Cause

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11. Venkatraman –  Providing Meals For Rs. 1 To The Poor


Venkataraman, a resident of Erode and a son of a former railway employee of Tamil Nadu believes in humanity. He is a hope for those people in Erode for whom it is a daily struggle to arrange even a single meal. For the past eight years, he has been providing food to the poor and needy, three times a day, every single day. And the healthy and filling meals are sold for just Re. 1 at his Sri AMV Homely Mess – a small restaurant located near the Erode General Hospital.

When asked what motivated him to do this, he said, “Eight years back, a lady came to my mess to purchase food for herself and her husband who was admitted in the nearby government hospital. She wanted to purchase idlis, which I sell six for Rs. 10. But they were unavailable that day so I asked her to take dosas instead. That incident became the starting point of my journey”.


12. Sudhanshu Biswas – Dedicated His Life To Children In Need


Sudhanshu Biswas is an example for the statement, “Age is just a number”. After fighting for freedom of the country in his youth, he chose to settle down in a remote village in his after-years. He dedicated his life to children in need and their education by running Sri Ramakrishna Sevashram (SRKS). Even at this ripe age, his enthusiasm, energy, dedication, and passion is commendable. Wanna have some inspiration? Then do visit his ashram.

The 99-year-old freedom fighter from West Bengal has been honored with the Padma Shri award for the year 2018. Through his selfless organization, he runs schools, orphanages, and dispensaries for the poor and the downtrodden.


13. Prakash Kaur – Started Unique Home For Abandoned Girls


She has left on the street 60 years ago. And Prakash Kaur doesn’t want another newborn and unwanted girl child faces the same fate as hers. She started the Unique Home for girls where she takes care of those girls who have been abandoned by their families. No religion restriction in her home and the girls have Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh names. She treats these girls as her own and doesn’t want to give them up for adoption.

She said, “I want my real mother to know that the daughter she threw out of her life is well-established. I want to prove to her that girls are not a burden”.


14. Beena Rao – Teaching Slum Children For Free


Beena Rao has been teaching slum children for free in Surat, Gujarat. When asked about her source of inspiration, she said her father was her role model ever since she was a kid.  A violinist by profession, he would teach blind students for free in his spare time. Apart from providing education, she also teaches them discipline, yoga, mannerisms, and other aspects which are often neglected by the government schools. And all of this is free of cost.


15. Shachi Singh – Taking Care Of Street Children


When Shachi Singh saw a poor boy on a railway station, she decided to help all those kids who are living on the streets. She started an organization, Ehsaas that takes care of the needs of such children. Lucknow station is now free of child labor. Due to her effort, the government created child-friendly booths for lost children across 72 districts of Uttar Pradesh.

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