This Underwater Motorcycle Challenge For Adventure Freaks, Watch Video

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Well, we hear many kinds of challenges and every sector creates challenges to encourage talent. However, this underwater motorcycle challenge is something that we don’t see every day.

Teenagers fall in love with gadgets more than with anything else. The bike is the one, boys love the most and yes there are some girls who ride bikes. Motorcycle tours are highly popular in India. And you can imagine how many bike lovers are there here.

For all those, today I would like to share details with you about underwater motorcycle challenge.


However, don’t try this at home! You can damage your motorcycle. There are some tricks that make it possible to lower a motorcycle into the water in a relatively safe way. Let your bike cool down, so you shouldn’t put a bike with a hot engine straight into cold water.


Underwater Motorcycle Challenge


Empty the fuel tank

Close all holes leading to engines such as exhaust and intake

Remove the battery, all electrical devices, and motors

Let the motorcycle air dry completely before turning it on again. And don’t let it happen again!


This is a freshwater pool, so the motorcycle won’t corrode.

I feel putting a common Honda underwater is extremely crazy and unusual.

Watch out the video of how Rico Anggi did with his Japanese motorcycle to show that it is possible to keep a motorcycle under the sea. The bike works fine even after soaking in water.

Usually, bikes end up underwater when there are floods and tip-overs in streams.

If you are the one who loves bikes riding truly, then I know you will give a try for this.

What are you waiting for? Try this challenge and take a cool Instagram picture of your motorcycle under the sea.

Again, don’t try this at home as it will damage your motorcycle.

Did you already try this? Do you know any other motorcycle challenges? Share us in the comments. Wanna know the most expensive bikes in the world? Then read this.

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