9 Unbelievable Fascinating Things That Your Body Does To defend Itself




Human body can heal any wound by itself. Just we need to give time for it.

Human body system is fabulously created that even scientists couldn’t understand lot many things. Our biological system is designed by supreme power that it can protect us from harm throughout the day without our intervention.

Here are the 9 unbelievable fascinating things that our body does to defend itself.


1. Sneezing Sneezes The Trash Out Of Our Body

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When our nasal passage is filled with dust, microbes, to push it out, human body chooses the way of sneezing.


2. Yawning Cools Down Our Brain


I should say, yawning is a contagious disease that if we look someone yawning, we too start yawning. Due to unlimited thoughts and stress due to work, brain gets overheated. So, to cool down our brain, human body chooses the way of yawning.


3. Stretching The Body Changes Our Mood


We do stretch body often and you know by doing so it restores blood flow and changes our mood.


4. Avoid Eating Very Quickly Otherwise You Will Get Hiccups


In human body there is something called pneumogastric nerve that gets irritated if we swallow large pieces of food and eat very quickly. The result is hiccups.


5. Myoclonic jerks Saves You From Heralding Death During Sleep


When you fall asleep, the frequency of your breathing rapidly falls, your pulse slows down very slightly and your muscles are relaxed. Brain interprets these developments as heralding death. So it tries to save you by giving you a jolt.


6. Wrinkles That Appear On The Fingers Adjusts Your Body To Environmental Changes


No need to panic when you observe wrinkles on your fingers. It happens when your body encounters an increased amount of moisture. It understands that the environment might be slippery and so the skin on your hands immediately begins to change in a way that will make it easier for you to grip smooth surfaces.


7. Our Brain Deletes The Most Terrible Moments From Our Memories.


Yes, every person experiences both sweet and bitter memories sooner or later in his life. When there is a sequence of unpleasant experiences in the life, person forgets things often.


8. Goosebumps Reduces The Amount Of Heat Our Body lose Through Pores


Every true Indian experiences goose bumps when he listens to our national anthem. You know what; it reduces the amount of heat our body lose through the pores of our skin. There by it makes it easier to warm ourselves in inhospitable climatic conditions.


9. Tears Distract The Person From Pain


When a person experiences deep pain either mentally or physically, the pain comes out in the form of tears. It serves as an emotional defense and distracts the person from the pain they are experiencing.


Ancients says, Love and respect your body. May be these are the very few reasons why they said. Human body has an amazing power to heal itself. The challenge is to silence your mind and it does the job for you.

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