Drunk Man Posed As Uber Driver Locked Delhi Woman And Harassed Her

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Every day is a risky day for woman. Till she comes back to home from office there is no guarantee for her safety today. The reason is the behaviour of some kind of filthy men on women who were not properly nurtured by their parents. Their parents successfully failed in bringing up their children.  It seems some kind of parents felt producing children is enough.

A 22-year-old guy posed as Uber driver and sexually harassed a 29-year-old woman after she boarded his cab in neighboring Haryana. The police arrested the person for allegedly abducting and sexually harassing a woman.

This Is What Happened


A 29-year-old woman who works as an advisor in an MNC booked an Uber ride from Kundli in Haryana for her residence in Sector-3 Rohini on March 9th.

When the cab arrived, she noticed that the vehicle had a white number plate instead of the commercial number plate. As that driver face did not match with the image of the driver provided by Uber on their app, the woman grew suspicious of the driver.

The driver who was allegedly drunk took the vehicle along a secluded route in Narela. When she tried to get out from the vehicle at a traffic signal, the driver centrally locked the doors and threatened her.


However, when the car slowed down at a CNG station near GTK depot, she took the opportunity to unlock the door and jumped out of the car. The driver absconded from the spot with his vehicle.

The police during investigation obtained the details of the vehicle and driver from Uber. And the cab was traced to Janti Kalan village in Sonipat, Haryana.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northwest) Aslam Khan said, a police team went to the village on the intervening night of March 9 and 10 and traced the vehicle with a drunken man lying inside the car.

He was identified as Sanjeev alias Sanju, a resident of Gannaur, Haryana. Sanjeev used to drive the vehicle even though he was not registered as the driver of the vehicle and did not have a driving license. It was also found that the vehicle did not have a commercial number plate.


It was found that the man who was registered with Uber as the vehicle’s driver had given his vehicle to Sanjeev to drive.

The investigators sent a questionnaire to the cab  firm in connection with the case and Uber removed the driver who allowed another man to drive his vehicle.

The company said, it clearly says that driver has violated the terms of the agreement that Uber signs with its driver-partners.  Such behaviour puts our riders and driver partners at risk and is not tolerated.

“We immediately removed the driver partner’s access to the app and will take strict action against him for letting an unregistered driver without a licence access his account and take trips via the app,” the Uber spokesperson said.

He also said that the company is “ready to support law enforcement authorities with any information needed for their investigation”.

People blame government or organization for every bad incident but just wait and think from whom they have come. If every parent brings up their children with proper ethical values, if every parent observes what their sons and daughters are doing in schools and colleges, if every parent teaches their children to see sister in other woman, then this kind of atrocities on women will never happen.

 Isn’t it so? Share us in the comments. Uber driver assaulted a Delhi based women, what she did next shocked everyone.

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