Check Out This List Of Awesome Cars In Which PM Narendra Modi Travels

Modi travels in luxurious cars via

It should be admitted that Narendra Modi is one amongst the foremost talked Prime Minister of our nation. Obviously, we had some nice national leaders within the past, however, the way Narendra Modi has been in talks and news, nobody has ever been. So from his world tours to his work, his dressing, his angle, being attractive everything topic is that the favorite topic of social media. Here on this topic, we’ll discuss the cars our Prime Minister Narendra Modi uses and travels in. Have a look.


1. Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio

During his Gujarat Chief Minister days, Narendra Modi used to travel in the Mahindra Scorpio. This armoured SUV had 4X4 capability and will battle any terrain. He additionally used this beast throughout his Lok Sabha campaign days.



2. BMW Seven Series

BMW 7 Series Luxury Car

After being the Prime Minister, he got a brand new BMW seven Series Luxury automobile. This wonderful car is provided with 760 Li High Edition Security Edition and includes a 20-inch bulletproof alloy and a self-sealing fuel tank. Apparently, It will survive not simply bullets however additionally bombs and even explosions.


3. Range Rover HSE

Range Rover HSE

Lately, our famous Prime Minister has additionally been seen in 2010 vary Rover HSE with a 5-litre V8 engine that produces 375 bhp. Of course, it’s utterly armored and well equipped.

Isn’t he a lucky man? Being a PM, he has all the luxuries in life. Although It is not easy to be one, you need to be lucky as well! Our beloved PM has always been liked by his gestures. Apart from having a luxurious life, he respects all the religions too! He is extremely secular and respects all religions equally. Check out his gesture when Muslim prayer call played during his speech, here.