Uber Driver Assaulted A Delhi Based Women, What She Did Next Shocked Everyone

Janki Dave struggle with Uber Drivervia

Recently high number of crimes are occurring in the capital city, Delhi, mostly against women. Ever since the gruesome Nirbhaya tragedy, the city has been branded “Not Safe” for women. In October 2017, A lady escaped at the neck of time from a harassing uber driver.

Janki Dave struggle with Uber Driver

Janki Dave is a Delhi-based woman.She had loved Delhi soo much and called it ‘home’ until this awful experienced. Janki was ill-treated the Uber driver whom she had booked for travel. She posted her story on Facebook for the world to see and be aware of the hopeless situation of women in Delhi.

Janki Dave struggle with Uber Driver

Here’s What She Did:

She even shared a screenshot of her feedback and posted it on the social media platform Facebook along with a detail caption explaining her grief. However, there is no word from the uber service providers yet.

For years, Delhi occupied a special place in my heart. I was in love with capital’s wide roads, relatively…

Posted by Janki Dave on Monday, February 12, 2018

Things would have taken a different and much worst course for Janki if she had tried arguing with the driver. But the threat by the driver and the gruesome history of troubles this city has related to women stopped her from arguing further.

Janki Dave struggle with Uber Driver

This is what Uber has to say about it

“What’s been described has no place on our app. And we are extremely sorry to hear about the rider’s experience on this trip. Such behaviour is in violation of our community guidelines. And Uber, has barred the driver partner’s access to the Uber app.” – Uber Spokesperson

Customers who pay for these Uber services expect to be treated with humanity if not great respect. But it is high time an action is taken against these cab drivers who consider it okay to indulge in such violent misbehavior. What the driver did was unacceptable and punishment should be given accordingly. Another case of sexual assault was filed when a disabled girl was forcefully fed alcohol and gang-raped in Delhi. Despite all its dangerous acts and mistakes, Delhi is still one of the most important and major cities and we still love it no. But actions such as these shock us and make us have second thoughts about this beautiful city.