Two Friends Successfully Fly Single-Engine Small Plane From US To India

Two Friends Fly Single-Engine Small Plane From US To India

By flying a single-engine small plane from the United States to India in less than 11 days and 72 hours, Mattia Meneghello and a friend performed a fantastic feat! They left Maine, USA, on July 13 and traveled through Italy, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Iceland, Scotland, and Greenland before arriving in New Delhi, India. What a journey! Continue reading to know more about it. Happy Reading!


About Single-Engine Plane


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Single-engine planes rely on a single engine to produce the amount of thrust necessary for flight, unlike multi-engine aircraft, which have many engines for locomotion. Single-engine aircraft are frequently used for short-distance travel, flight training, private and leisure flying, and aerial labor. Due to their simplified construction and operation, they are frequently used for journeys that do not require the extra power of multiple engines.


Is It Feasible To Fly Small Planes Into Several Countries?


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Similar to entering a country on a commercial airline, flying a small plane requires passing customs and immigration procedures. You must turn in all necessary documents, such as your passport, visa, and airline information.

You must submit a flight plan to the authorized aviation authority for both your departure and arrival. For each journey segment, you might also need to obtain approval from air traffic control.

Your aircraft’s authorization, reliability certifications, insurance papers, and other necessary maintenance records must be up-to-date and accessible during the voyage.

Be ready to pay the fees associated with arrival and lodging at a foreign airport, including landing fees, parking expenses, fees for customs, and other duties. The laws and guidelines governing aviation vary from nation to nation.


Public Comments


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Pilot and professional athlete Mattia Meneghello completed the incredible voyage while posting snippets of their flight on social media. Their extraordinary flight has received much attention and support on social media.


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While some claimed to have heard all the “legendary grandpa stories” they needed to, many others expressed a need for more information. This is an unrivaled experience, someone exclaimed. What was the overall cost of the trip’s fuel? Someone else asked, “How do you even get permission to do this?”

Many people started praising the two buddies and their love of travel simultaneously.

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