Meet 12-Year-Old CEO Pixie: A Self-Made Millionaire Is Retiring On Her 12th Birthday

Pixie Curtis CEO

Most teens prioritize their education, friendships, interests, and even the quest for a part-time job that can help them augment their income over all other things. There are also extraordinary young individuals who have made money-making ventures out of their interests and side occupations. Pixie is one of those young people who started a lucrative business and made millions of dollars doing it. To find out more about what occurred, keep reading. Enjoy your reading.


The Launch


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The teenage businesswoman marked her retirement from her multi-million dollar toy empire, PIXIE’S FIDGETS, which is thought to be valued at more than $12 million.

The success of one hair accessory collection led Pixie and her mother to create Pixie’s Fidgets in 2021. Pixie’s Fidgets designed and distributed toys that can assist kids who have trouble focusing to help them focus and control their energy.


12-Year-Old Multi-Millionaire, Pixie, Prepares To Move To Singapore After ‘Retirement’


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Pixie has already become a millionaire and is treating herself to a lavish trip to Paris, even though most 12-year-olds aren’t thinking about work. Pixie Curtis, a young businesswoman, chose to put her academics and athletics ahead of her lucrative business in hair accessories earlier this year.

An Australian who was recounting her lavish holiday highlighted her pre-departure buying binge. She displayed her purchases with pride, which included a £50 (Rs 5336) Dior Balm, £60 (Rs 6,403) in Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics, and further beauty items totaling about £200 (Rs 21,345).

Her glamorous mother, Roxy Jacenko, founded the Sweaty Betty PR firm. She said in June that the family was moving from Sydney to live with her husband, Oliver Curtis, in Singapore, prompting the decision to relocate.

Mr. Curtis, who is currently employed in Asia, spent the entire year of 2016 and 2017 in prison in new south wales for insider trading.

After her birthday party, Pixie, who has over 140,000 Instagram followers, posted on the platform,


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“The night that was. “12 and Goodbye Australia (AU)—Singapore (SG)—we’re coming for you! According to reports, Pixie and her nine-year-old brother Hunter will study at an international school in Singapore, where the family has reportedly leased a beautiful home close to Orchard Road.

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