How Wi-Fi Operates In Airplane? Check Out How It Works In Flight

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Recall a moment when you boarded a flight and needed to complete some critical business or wanted to binge-watch your favorite series online. Did you ever experience trouble doing so in the air? No, not at all. Well, the Wi-Fi allows you to work even when flying. But have you ever wondered how Wi-Fi works on planes? If you have, you have arrived at the right place to satisfy your curiosity. Learn more about it by reading on.


Wi-Fi In The Air

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They no longer have a no-internet zone on their flights, one notable change that has drawn everyone’s notice. Beginning in March 2020, the Indian government will permit airlines to offer in-flight Wi-Fi, dramatically changing the experience.

Before this development, taking a flight meant being disconnected from the Internet. Now, however, we are constantly online. On websites like YouTube, we may watch films, make calls, check our social networks, and even reply to emails from clients.


In-flight Wi-Fi Saving The Day

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The introduction of in-flight Wi-Fi has changed how people fly by allowing them access to the Internet throughout their lengthy flights. When there aren’t many bad in-flight entertainment options, internet entertainment saves the day.

Passengers may stay connected to their social networks and keep in touch with relatives and close friends by using the Internet. In addition, business travelers may continue to be productive because of this connectivity. As a result, they are focused on their task, preventing any necessary time from being lost while traveling.


The Way In-Flight Internet Functions

Air-to-ground and satellite-based systems are the two leading technologies used in in-flight internet systems.


Air-To-Ground Network

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An antenna attached to the aircraft takes up signals from the closest ground tower in an air-to-ground system. As long as the airplane doesn’t fly over any places without ground towers, the connection is flawless up to a particular height. Typically, transmissions from ground towers are directed downwards, and the onboard antennas, in this instance, are positioned below the aircraft.

Furthermore, the satellite-based Wi-Fi system sends signals to a ground-based transmitter through satellites before they arrive at the onboard antennas. So it is really effective when the plane is traveling over the ocean.


Wi-Fi Systems Based On Satellites

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In the second method, signals are sent directly from satellites to antennas placed on the aircraft. The onboard antennae of a satellite-based Wi-Fi system are positioned on the upper side of the aircraft. To pick up signals, they continually reposition themselves.

The data is sent to the passengers’ devices through an onboard router. The antenna of the airplane is connected to the router. The onboard antenna switches to satellite-based services when the aircraft reaches a height of 3,000 meters.

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