Flight Attendant’s Warning: Never Use This Specific Part Of The Airplane

Things Not To Use In Flight

A flight attendant recently came to the famous discussion platform Reddit to provide some essential tips and scary secrets that all passengers on an aircraft should be aware of. This attendant, who goes by the handle HausofDarling, explicitly recommended against using or putting anything in a particular region of the seat, emphasizing the phrase “never, ever, ever, ever.” 

According to HausofDarling, this precautionary advice applies to seat pockets seen on commercial airplanes. The attendant strongly recommended passengers avoid using seat pockets altogether, despite the temptation to stow personal goods and settle in comfortably before the flight.


Reason For Avoiding Seat Pockets

Flight Attendent

Passengers were encouraged to use caution and think twice before putting their phones, books, or snacks in their seat pockets. The flight attendant explained the reasons for this suggestion, emphasizing that they cleared the trash rather than cleaning the seat pockets.

According to the attendant, soiled tissues, vomit bags, underwear, socks, chewing gum, partially devoured candy, apple cores, and other unsanitary objects had been in seat pockets. The attendant warned that these unclean objects could endanger personal belongings such as phones, computers, or iPads, which passengers frequently place in the same pockets unintentionally.


According to the Daily Express, the flight attendant described various things in seat pockets. For example, the attendant recounted pulling out and seeing different filthy stuff from seat pockets, such as soiled tissues, vomit bags, pants, socks, chewing gum, partially devoured candy, and even apple cores. In addition, the flight attendant voiced concern that passengers would accidentally put their phones, computers, or iPads in the same pockets on the next journey.

View Of A Crew Member

Airline Attendents

Another anonymous crew member supported the stories by disclosing some of the more alarming objects they had discovered in seat pockets while on the job. For example, they described an uncomfortable event in which they discovered vomit outside of a paper bag that had poured through the seat pocket. They acknowledged the pain of such situations but expressed resignation, wondering what might be done.

Flight attendant Tommy Cimato chimed in, warning passengers not to wear shorts on board owing to increased exposure to microbes. He explicitly warned against falling asleep or resting one’s head against the window, citing the possibility that many individuals, including youngsters, had touched or smeared stuff on the glass. Cimato emphasized the unpredictability of window cleaning, emphasizing the significance of wearing trousers to reduce germ exposure. Passengers can reduce direct contact with the seat and give additional germ protection during the trip by doing so.

Therefore, The Daily Express reports that these disclosures serve as a caution to passengers to be cautious and aware of the hygiene of seat pockets on airplanes. To ensure hygiene and avoid potential contamination, it is best to identify alternative storage options for personal items.

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