Twitter Jokes On Bandra Girls Are The Best Things You Will Read Today

Bandra GirlsBandra Girls


In India, every state is unique; every city is unique and special in every matter right from the cuisine to the living culture. That is why only in India, you will see diverse cultures.

Mumbai !! What comes to your mind when you think about this city? 

For twitteratis, it’s Bandra.

Wondering what it is?

It is very luxurious colony in Mumbai where lot of celebrities and wealthy families live there.

Targeting their luxuries, Twitteratis cracked jokes on Bandra girls. Some are so funny that you can’t stop laughing where as some posted demeaning tweets too.

1. That feeling when Bandra girl follows you


2. Oh really?

3. Even in movies, you don’t see this kind of morning walk

4. Reaction, when you say any other address to Bandra girl

5. Is it?

6. That moment!!

7. The default follower count

8. The pink wala

9. Beauty conscious

10. Well..

11. For love

12. If you say so!

13. The stunt girl

14. Yeah!

Well, what's your comment on Bandra girl? 

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