Indian People Slam SnapChat After Its CEO Called India Is Too Poor

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SnapChat CEO Evan Spiegel made a statement that Snapchat is for rich people and India is too Poor. Approximately 4 million Indians who use this app on a daily basis, this comment came as a shock for SnapChat Indian users and they have started boycotting the app.


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According to a report by Variety, Spiegel allegedly made the comment during a meeting to discuss the growth of the app’s user base in 2015. When an employee raised concern about the app’s slow growth in a market like India, Spiegel interptted an employee saying, “This app is only for rich people." Variety quoted the employee’s revelation about Spiegel's reply: “I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.” 

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According to unverified reports, Snapchat had close to 4 million users in India last year. While though the exact user base is not available, this number is expected to have grown since then.

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Day after this news broke out, the rating of Snapchat dropped to a 'single star' of a current version based on approximately 6099 ratings and all versions rating to one and a half star from around 9527 ratings.

Every big companies know that India has a very huge market and the statements from other CEO's also proves that they are aware about the market they have in India.

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As soon as the statement came out, the app was also trolled on Twitter. #boycottsnapchat became the most trending hashtag on Twitter overnight. 




This will make people think before speaking against India. What are your reactions to this comment from Snapchat, share with us in the comment below.

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