Mumbai’s First Woman Auto Rickshaw Driver Is An Inspiration To Everyone

Mumbai's First Women Rickshaw DriverMumbai's First Women Rickshaw Driver

Women proved that they can compete equally with men in every field. However, there are still many women who don’t have financial independence. In order to uplift such women, the government of Maharashtra introduced new schemes which reserve five percent of the rickshaw for women.

Today, many women are getting benefitted out of it and securing their futures.

The 45-year-old, Chaya Mohite becomes Mumbai’s First Woman Auto Rickshaw Driver who learned how to drive at a training center in Mumbai’s eastern suburbs for two months.

Now, she is thrilled with her new skills and financial prospects

“This job is much better than doing household work. I can make more money and it helps us secure our futures,” Ms Mohite told AFP as she got in some last minute practice.

“I couldn’t even ride a bicycle but today I can drive an auto rickshaw. I’m independent and it makes me happy,” says Mohite, who hopes to earn 1,000 rupees a day.

In New Delhi and Ranchi, there are schemes for the safety of women where pink autos are driven by women and for only women. But here in Maharashtra women drivers can take both male and female passengers.

“I’ve taught them the A to Z of auto-rickshaw driving. They are now experts and have passed an official RTO (Regional Transport Office) test,” said Sudhir Dhoipode, the women’s instructor who is currently teaching more than 40 women how to drive.


People Mocked Us For Leaving Homes

Mumbai's First Woman Auto Rickshaw DriverRef

“People mocked us for leaving our homes and choosing to drive rickshaws but we hope we can inspire other women to come forward and take advantage of this great initiative,” said driver Anita Kardak.

To ensure the safety of women, transport officials decided to have a different colored rickshaw. But Ms. Mohite isn’t concerned.

“I don’t think there’s going to be any safety issue as we’re capable of looking after ourselves. Driving the rickshaw is a fun feeling and I’m ready to drive anywhere in Mumbai,” she said.

She set an example to many women who fear to come out of their house for work. Hope government of every state initiates the schemes that uplift the women and also for the safety of women.

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