We All Have Experienced These Things During Our Board Exams

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We all have one thing in common that we all have the same feelings about. And they are- exams! Especially Board Exams. The word itself is enough to scare you and give you chills. We all have gone through this phase of life where the pressure was even more than that in a pressure cooker! The talks of our future and the continuous pressure of performing well in board exams was faced by all of us. So, here are some things that we all have experienced while giving our board exams.


1. First Bench Nightmares

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This is all of the first-benchers. Their pain is on a different level.


2. When Your Answers Don’t  Match

Board Exams

But you solved all the questions right, didn’t you? The answers will never match.


3. When You Don’t Know Anything

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When you leave a topic and the entire paper comes from that one topic.


4. That Is So All Of Us

Board exams memes

We all have that talent of studying one day before the exam with so much dedication.


5. That Moment Of Realisation

Board exams

But sometimes still we don’t know anything at all in the exam.


6. It’s True

Board exam memes

Phoebe has got all our feelings explained.


7. This One Is So True

Religious in exams

God, please make me pass this one. I’ll study for the next one for sure.


8. Because Parents Can’t Know The Truth

Board exams

I’m gonna top the paper Mom.

So, these were some of the funny moments of truth we all face during our board exams. But don’t give in to the pressure because your marks are surely not everything. This boy from Class 12th gave in to the pressure and committed suicide just because he wasn’t able to attempt three questions of three marks each. That is really sad.