Gujarat Man Makes 1,264 Abusive Calls To Cops, Reason Shocks You

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Some incidents and situations that happen in our lives change us a lot. Some people turn in a good way and some turn in bad way. Whatever the reason, some scars or bad incidents or accidents haunt us even if we try to forget.

A 40-year-old Ishwar Bhoi, a resident of Bhoiwas in Kamod of Daskroi, who was allegedly beaten by Aslali police a few years ago over a land dispute had been planning vengeance against cops. Bhoi is also abandoned by his wife very early into his marriage and had psychological problems.


Bhoi worked as a security guard about three years ago and derived sadistic pleasure in calling 108 emergency services and abusing the dispatcher. Naroda police arrested him for the offence but was let out on bail. However, he later began to make a series of abusive calls to the police control room.


“He was abusive every time he called,” a senior city police official said. “When women police personnel answered, he became more aggressive and made lewd comments.” Over time, Bhoi had made 1,264 calls.

“Enough was enough. The job to nab the caller was entrusted to the special operations group (SOG) of the city crime branch,” the official said.

Assistant commissioner of police, SOG, B C Solanki said that the caller record displayed two IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers. We traced both the IMEI numbers and got the cell phone numbers used to call the control room.


“On Wednesday morning, our team searched the area and on the basis of the cell phone location and cell numbers, the team apprehended Bhoi near the gate of the factory,” an SOG official said.

Bhoi knew his game was up. “He wept and kept saying “Saheb mane maaf kari do (Sir, please pardon me),” Solanki said.

Revenge is not the option. Forgiveness is the best option not for others but for the sake of our own mental peace. Some say success is the best revenge but I say ignoring is also good revenge in some cases. It will help us to stay calm and concentrate more on our work to reach great heights.

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