Class 12 Boy Committed Suicide; He Unable To Attempt Three Questions In Board Exam


Yet another student with a bright future lost his life due to the stress of ongoing board examinations. Karanvir Singh, a 17-year-old student of Class 12, ended his life in Mohali on Wednesday hours after giving his Physics board exam. He was upset because he didn’t perform well in the examination and was not able to do three questions of three marks each.

Exam stress

A single child of his parents, he hanged himself from a ceiling fan in his grandparents’ home in Phase IV, Mohali in the evening. Police found a suicide note in his pocket in which he said that he alone is responsible for his death and does not accuse anyone. Also, he wrote, “I am sorry as I could not live up to your expectations and for not being able to fulfill your dreams”. He said that he loved his grandparents the most and asked his parents to take good care of them.

Board exam stress

He used to stay at his grandparents’ house for his exams as he found it peaceful to study. On their way back to home from the exam his father Arvind Singh asked Karan about his performance. When he said he left some questions he told him that he should write fast. He now regrets that he instead should have said him that marks do not matter.


A Bright Student

Student suicide

Karanvir was a bright student and scored 90% in pre-board examination. He planned to clear IIT exam and pursue computer engineering. He was a caring son too. After his English exam a few days back, he was delighted and told his parents that he had performed very well. He chatted with some of his cousins and friends who were also taking the Physics exam. And they told him that they were expecting good marks. After his grandparents left the house for some work, he hanged himself in his room.

It is really tragic that students are under so much pressure because of the board exam and studies. Many such cases of suicides are reporting and we really need to correct our education system. Schools and parents must teach students the importance of their life first before than anything. Last month only, an MBBS student committed suicide because of tension due to studies. Click here to read about her.