‘Thank You, PIA’: Pakistani Air Hostesses Fly To Canada And Disappears After Leaving A Note

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A member of the cabin crew disappeared on PIA aircraft PK-782 from Islamabad to Canada. Dawn said that Maryam Raza was on duty but did not show up for her return flight, PK-784, from Toronto to Karachi.


“Thank you, PIA”

PIA Airlines Airhostesses Canada

When police searched her hotel room, they discovered her uniform and a message that said, “Thank you, PIA.” On Monday, she was allocated a flight from Islamabad to Toronto. About 15 years ago, Maryam Raza began working for the national flag carrier. Interestingly, this is the year’s second case. The airline’s spokesperson credited the surge to Canada’s permissive laws, which grant refuge upon entry.


Similar Occurrences

PIA Airlines

Faiza Mukhtar, a Canadian air hostess, arrived in January but failed to appear for the return trip. Claims that the attendant participated in the smuggling of foreign currency and cell phones led to her suspension a few years ago. A PIA official was quoted by Dawn as saying, “On its scheduled return to the country, Ms. Mukhtar did not turn up [in Toronto and the flight of the national flag carrier had to proceed without her.”

A representative for the airline said that this is the second time this year that a PIA stewardess has vanished after arriving in Canada. The welcoming nature of Canadian law, which permits asylum petitions after admission into the nation, is attributed by officials to this trend. An identical incident was documented last month when an air hostess arrived in Canada but did not show up for the return trip. At least seven PIA cabin crew members vanished from sight in Canada during their shifts last year. According to an airline representative, one crew member who fled while on duty a few years prior made Canada his home. Further, he counsels other crew members who may be thinking about applying for asylum.

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