Pune-Nashik Expressway Set To Reduce Travel Time From 5 To 3 Hours; Check Out The Routes And Other Details

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Maharashtra approves the Pune-Nashik Industrial Highway project in a major move for travel efficiency and economic growth. Covering 213 km, this expressway targets a travel time reduction from five to three hours, boosting industrial development. The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) leads the Rs 20,000 crore project, redefining regional connectivity. With a six-lane, access-controlled design, the Pune-Nashik Expressway is poised to reshape the regional transportation landscape.


Connectivity Accelerated

Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway

Maharashtra’s recent approval marks a pivotal moment for regional connectivity. The 213 km Pune-Nashik Industrial Highway aims to cut travel time between Pune and Nashik from five to three hours, catalyzing industrial growth.

The Rs 20,000 crore project will reshape Pune, Nagar, and Nashik districts. The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) spearheads this initiative for a six-lane, access-controlled highway.

This transformative project signifies the state’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and fostering economic development. The green signal underscores its strategic importance in streamlining travel between major economic hubs.


Six-Lane Access-Controlled Expressway

Samruddhi Expressway Route

The Pune-Nashik Expressway envisioned as a six-lane, access-controlled highway, seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure. Starting from the Pune Outer Ring Road, it extends to the Shirdi pilgrimage site, promising optimized travel experiences.

The six-lane design ensures enhanced traffic flow and safety, addressing the region’s growing transportation needs. Integrating cutting-edge technology and modern design principles, the expressway sets a new standard for efficient and secure travel.


Integration For Smooth Commutes

Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway

The Pune-Nashik Expressway’s integration ensures a smooth transition for commuters. Starting from the Pune Outer Ring Road, it traverses key areas, offering convenient and well-connected travel experiences.

This integration reduces travel time and contributes to overall regional development. With efficient connectivity, the expressway becomes a vital link, fostering economic activities and regional growth.


Strategic Routes: Redefining Accessibility

Pune-Nashik Expressway

The expressway strategically passes through key towns: Rajgurunagar, Chakan, Manchar, Narayangaon, Alephata, Ghargaon, Sangamner, Sinnar, and Shirdi. Split into three segments, the first leg covers 135 km from Pune to Shirdi, followed by a 60 km stretch from Shirdi to Nashik-Niphad Interchange.

These routes connect major towns and open up new development avenues. The expressway’s design maximizes accessibility, minimizing travel time for residents and businesses.

The segmentation allows for targeted development efforts in each phase, ensuring a gradual and effective enhancement of regional connectivity.


Pune-Mumbai-Nashik Connectivity

Delhi Mumbai Expressway

While Mumbai and Pune are linked by an expressway, the under-construction Mumbai-Nagpur expressway connects Mumbai with Nashik. The Pune-Nashik expressway completes the remaining route in the ‘Golden Triangle’ region between Mumbai, Nashik, and Pune.

This completion enhances connectivity and establishes a robust transportation network. The expressway becomes a vital link, connecting economic centers and fostering balanced regional development.


Alignment Through Pune, Nagar, And Nashik

The expressway’s alignment passes through Junner, Ambegaon, and Khed in Pune, Sangamner in Nagar, and Sinnar in Nashik. This ensures optimized connectivity, transforming travel experiences and fueling economic development.

The alignment through key districts ensures equitable regional development, benefiting urban and rural areas. As the expressway passes through diverse landscapes, it opens up tourism, trade, and cultural exchange opportunities, contributing to holistic regional growth.

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