9 Awkward Experiences Everyone Goes Through During Their Teenage




Ah, Teenage. The bridge between Manhood and Childhood. Probably one of the best and the weirdest phase of life. You experience so many new things and learn so much which help you throughout your life. The hormonal changes mess you up but its fine, all ends well. Here are a few things which you go through during your teens.


1. “Doctor or Engineer?”

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“You have the freedom to do anything you want. I will not force you into anything. You are free to explore life. Now, tell me, Doctor or Engineer?”. Sums up most of our Indian Parents and relatives. This is more mind boggling and confusing than why Kattappa killed Bahubali. But don’t worry, you will sooner or later find out what you are meant for. Do what you think is best for you. Do not let Naidu Uncle, your parents, some path finder guy or an astrologist determine who you are. It’s your life so let it be your choices. It might not be right but you’ll be happy and even if you fall, you can pick yourself back up with a smile and move on!


2. First Crush/Love


Hormones kick in, WONDERS HAPPEN. Sometimes hormones are “horror-mones” but yeah, it’s a part of growing up and everyone goes through it. A few teenage crushes and love actually last long. The rest, *weeps* Somebody get me a tissue.


3. First Break Up


With the hormones messing you up one side, you have to deal with break ups too. Life is hard but it’s okay, everything passes by and time heals everything! – Feeling motivational with Priya Sweety and 69 others.

Hey mate, never been in a relationship and wondering if this post is legit or not? It is legit because most people go through 2 & 3 in their teenage. Don’t worry if you didn’t because I haven’t too. *Bro hug and back rub* I feel you mate.


4. Anu Aunty


Anu aunty represents all those nosy relatives and elders who have their noses buried deep in your business. They want to you to live just the way Sharma’s son and Raj’s daughter did. They complain no matter how good you are and they do their best to turn your parents against you. They destroy peace and invade your privacy. But when life imposes a threat, you overcome it and prove your point! Don’t care what Anu Aunty says, be yourself.

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5. Puberty


Bodily changes, INCOMING! Brace yourself. Secondary sexual growth, acne and pimple out blasts, hormone spikes, Ah, the tragedies. Puberty aka the transition, changes you completely. It’s like “Welcome to the real world” message. 


6. Need to look good

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Teens love to look good but we all later realize, it’s not always about the looks. Looks are deceptive, what’s inside is what matters. Do not feel inferior or take advantage of your looks. Everyone is beautiful in a way. Be true and nice!


7. Sky high goals


Everyone wants to be a rich celebrity and craves attention in some point at their teenage. However, you later realize, true happiness is not about being famous. Happiness is in little things. Everyone feels complete and happy by doing different things. You learn a lot of life lessons during your teens!


8.  Understand life


You learn a lot of life lessons. It changes the way you look at life.  You become more mature during your teens.


9. Discover yourself

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You discover yourself and you understand your strengths. You start liking yourself. It’s like some superhero trying to learn and master his superpower. Once you’re done, you’ll be more awesome and kicking it!


Well, that’s a few things every teen goes through. Let us know about your favorite thing about being a teen in the comments below! Stay Awesome!

And it’s okay if you haven’t experienced 2 & 3, I am with you!  



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