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Indian Parents And Their Never Ending Desi Drama Is What We Hate




Everyone knows that we Indians loves desi drama. Family without drama is like Shaadi without Sangeet and Movie without Music. Be it the Shaadi funfare, functions or a normal day, our Mother throw upon us even for the silly reasons. Yet, we are our parent's kids, aren't we? How much ever we may ridicule their antics, we still love everything they instill upon us. Yes, that includes the Bollywood drama, tears, glitters and of course dance. 

If you are a desi guy or a girl, we are sure you would be able to relate to these!


1. You Cannot Think What You Want To Become. 


Before you start understanding what this world is all about, your faith gets sealed and this is the case with around 80% of children in India wink

Every time whenever you want to play cricket or football, you will always get revised about what you have to become in future.


2. Sabse Bada Rog, Kya Kahenge Log


This is the biggest problem in Indian society. If you will not study, what will people say ? Here Security cameras may not be there in every signal, but this kind of security camera will be there in every society. wink


3. Mothers Are Mother of All Dramas


This is reality, whether you help your mother or not, you will always be at receiving end. No one can help you in this matter. Ofcourse, why will someone help, at the end of the day hardly anyone has a courage to tease Home Minister. wink


4. Male Friend Says 'Hi' To You In Public


How many girls face this situation? Most of the time they tell their friends of opposite gender that if anyone from my family sees we don't know each other. But sometimes you get caught to a situation when any friend in public says 'Hi'. I just tell you this might be one of the Worst Nightmare of your mother and ofcourse their never ending drama starts 'Chaar Log Dekhte Hai, Kya Sochenge'. I want to ask who are these Chaar Log ? Even we Entertales are looking for them. If any of you found them, please let us know, we also have to settle our old scores from them. devil


5. When You Fail In Exams


There are some situations when you have to deal with this kind of dialogues. Some of you might be used to it, if not you will get used to to slowly and steadily.


6. Day To Day Examples


When you don't want to do shave, your mother will start again by some weird examples, 'I don't understand what are doing, I want my son to look more handsome than Sharma Ji Son.' Than you think about Ishant Sharma and say come on Mom, Are you Serious? I am way better than him. laugh

When girls wear trackpants and t-shirts, they get caught in Mother's class and get learn what girls have to wear with an amazing example of Pammi Auntie's Daughter.


7. Learn Cooking


This one is for girls, Cooking Maggi is not enough to make you best cook. If your chapati's are not round, you are not good cook, if you don't know frying lentils, you are not good cook.'When I was at your age I use to cook for entire family', mother dialogue. you might want to learn from her, but when there is a time to learn you again get mother's love. But is it really necessary that girl should learn cooking before marriage? We Entertales, certainly don't think so.


8. When You Are Late  For Family Function


When you are late for a family function and check mobile and find 10 calls from mom, this is the reaction you also get.


9. Want To Go For Trip With Friends


Mom, 'Oh, so you want to go out for trip with friends, nice; there are boys also, very nice; for 10 days, excellent. Before trip, you need to consult physiatrist. How can you think about going?' 50% parents reply like this.


10. When Your Friend Has Brother


Anyone faced this situation ? wink


11. When You Make Your Mother Meet With Your Girlfriend


Many mother think that they can find the better bride for their son or groom for their daughter. They are right from their end. But what if  there son or daughter find their partner from themeselves ? After all they are also mature enough to find the best for them, isn't it. But if you do, the reaction is instant



12. When You Go Against Them


You would not love to see this personality of your mother, would you ? wink

But jokes apart, we do still love our desi parents and their drama. We should always proud on our parents, never forget the sacrifices they have done for us; we cannot repay them back what they have given to us in this life.

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