Justin Bieber’s Demands During His Stay In India Will Make Your Jaw Dropped

Justin BieberJustin Bieber


After the king of pop, Michael Jackson, the Canadian singer Justin Bieber came into media limelight.

Justin Bieber who is one of the youngest pop singers in Hollywood is now going to perform his first ever stint in Mumbai on May 10. It is the first time an international star is performing in India.

You may be wondering why this much hype? Yes, if you read his demands during his stay in India for five days, you will know why.

The Five Days Plan During His Stay In India


On the very first day, he will be given royal welcome. The hotel will convert itself into Bieber’s private villa with three floors of the hotel being booked for the artist and one elevator blocked on all 4 full days for Bieber alone.

Bieber's maiden India tour revealed, "Bieber loves Indian food and has it every time he's in the UK. So, the organizers will chalk out a special desi menu comprising his favourite Indian dishes — chicken tikka and tandoori.

On the second day, he will be taken in and around Mumbai and Jacqueline Fernadez has been chosen to show Justin Bieber around. During his stay in the country, an ayurvedic Kerala massage has also been organized for him.

On the third day, he will perform in DY Patil stadium for one hour 45 minutes.

On the other two days, Justin will be making a trip to the Taj Mahal in Agra and Jaipur.


Demands of Justin Beiber


Justin demanded his organizers the following things.

1. A convoy of 10 luxury sedans and 2 Volvo buses.

2. A private Rolls Royce for himself, and will be given Z level security by the Maharashtra Police, in addition to his personal 8-member security detail.

3. His dressing room should be decorated with white curtains, a glass door fridge, 8 power outlets and 12 white handkerchiefs.

4. He has demanded 24 still bottles, 24 alkaline water bottles, 4 energy drinks, 6 vitamin drinks, 6 cream sodas and 4 natural juices.

5.No lilies (the flower) should be in his vicinity for the duration of his stay.

6. The vegetables seasoned with ranch sauce, diced fruit, bananas, seedless grapes.

7. There should be 2 packages of plain white crew neck t-shirts, in sizes XS and L, 2 packages of white tank tops in sizes L and XL and 3 packages of white low-rise socks in every dressing room.


For one hour 45 minutes long performance, is this needed?

This is really too much!! What do you say? Share us in the comments.

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