Inspiring Stories Of War Wounded Indian Soldiers – Nothing Could Defeat Them

Despite Losing A Body Part, They Inspired Others

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The Indian army goes through all the hard stuff to protect the nation. A lot of times they got seriously injured. However, they possess the iron will that resist them from giving up. Hence, despite losing a part of the body, they tackle the situations with all their might. Today we have brought you the inspirational stories of some War wounded Indian soldiers.


Havildar R Someshvar Rao

Inspirational Story Of Indian Soldiers

Back in 2014, Havildar R Someshvar Rao lost his leg in an explosion. However, he did not let the physical damage affect his spirits. He started running by adding an artificial leg. After maintaining the good performance he started blade running in 2015. He found success there. In May 2017, he won a gold medal in 200 M sprint in Beijing Paralympics.


Colonel Pillay

Inspirational Story Of Indian Soldiers

Back in 1998, Diwakar Padam Kumar Pillay was assigned as the second Lieutenant of 8 guards unit of the army. In 1994, he had an encounter with extremists. On 25 January, the extremists attacked the village named Longdi Pabram which is located in Manipur. In the encounter, Colonel Pillay took 4 bullets and his spine was also broken. But he lived. After that, he lived in a military school and motivated the youngsters to join NDA. More than 200 youngsters were inspired by him and joined the military. Colonel Pillay was retired in 2017.


Colonel Satish Malik

Inspirational Story Of Indian Soldiers

In the 1999 Kargil war, Colonel Satish Malik was assigned in the Poonch sector as the Major. He lost one of his legs in an explosion. After that, the lost leg was replicated with an artificial one. In addition, After retiring from Army in 2008, he joined 4 other war wounded soldiers and formed a bike group named Phoenix. He traveled for 22000 Kilometers in just 3 years.

Furthermore, Back in 2002, a War Wounded Army foundation was started. For the last 12 years, it has been helping the war wounded soldiers. What do you think about these inspirational stories? Also, check out this extremely emotional love story of Kargil martyr Vikram Batra.

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