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Love Story Of This Kargil Martyr Is Too Emotional To Control Our Tears

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Whenever we hear the word love story the only image that occurs in our mind is the Disney fairytale type or the Bollywood as on both places the love stories are gives us undying memories. However today we have bring you the story of kargil war martyr that is no less than any of the epic lover stories of Laila – Majnu or Heer – Ranjha.

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Only A Memory For Us

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Whenever we heard the word “Kargil War” we have a sad picture in our heart. Kargil Martyrs are now in our memories. And among the thousands of perished soldiers there is a name Capt. Vikram Batra. Abhishek Bachchan the character in LOC Kargil. However the name was overlooked in social media but after the intensity of the love story unveiled, the name proliferate the internet.


For Her, He Is Everything

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Dimple Cheema the girlfriend of Vikram Batra uncovered the love story. The tale of love between the two that never fades. She told that they met in Punjab university in 1995 after that the attraction grow on and they start dating each other. But Vikram Batra left Punjab to join military training. He often used to visit her during the vacation between the training periods. And, the love amplifies in those visits.


Filmy But Like Emotional Movies


Somehow, the love story took a filmy turn and the parents of Dimple started to force her to marry someone else. Dimple also told the story how he proposed the marriage statement. And the way was full filmy as Batra cut his finger to sign her “maang” with his blood. After that she used to tease him by calling “poora filmy”. And we are not surprised why she used to call him that. The couple had a plan to get married after the Kargil war but the destiny had something else up its sleeve. Now Dimple is living in the memories of Vikram Batra with the love fresh in her mind.

No doubt the war separated thousands of couples but this story of Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema proves states that they may be separated physically but still together mentally. Write your reviews about it in the comment section.


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