Why There Is Need For Coaching Classes Nowadays?

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Coaching Classes have become as important and necessary as schools these days. You will rarely see a kid taking up something without the help of coaching – be it studying, learning a musical instrument or playing sports. Coaching classes are a trend in India and especially when it comes to the field of education. But are they just that – a trend? Or is our education system failing us and coaching institutes filling up the gap?

It’s true that our education system is deteriorating day by day. The scarcity of good faculties, the large strength of school’s classrooms made the studies burden and boring day by day. Students losing interest in studies and start pursuing in other fields but for every field, basic fundamental knowledge till 12th standard is very much necessary.


As per the 2011 population census, more than 480 million Indians are in the age group of 0-19 years. They are a huge asset to our country as their youthful energy can be used to transform India from a developing to a developed country – the dream of Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam that is shared by millions. But we need a system where the potential of youth can be explored for the good of the society. For this to happen, we require a holistic educational policy and infrastructure, which can meet the needs of our big population, where no child is left behind or unattended. This sentiment mainly was the reason behind the birth of coaching classes.


There is uncertainty in school education which has led to the boom of tuitions/ coaching classes. Today, a child’s brilliance is measured from his scorecard and students who are unable to cope up with peer pressure are committing suicide. The idea of high school and college students taking the coaching class has penetrated deep into our society. But we hardly see anyone analyzing the effectiveness of coaching institutes.

Parents forgot that brand never teaches the student. Its a teacher who teaches a student. Its good we talk about brands in terms of clothes, in terms of shoes but in term of education blackboard, whiteboard, and personal teaching was best, is best and will be best.


Why Tayal Coaching Classes:

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The answer to this question is very simple. We just follow true concepts which are basically required for education. Here no show off is being done. The true and right concepts are being taught to students. The Quality which is there is there, nothing to hide which we mostly see nowadays. Here Main focus lied on Students. Their Improvement at any cost and that become the most priority in any case.

Therefore, we follow below points: –

Main focus on Basic’s and then go to advanced level: –

This is because if you really want to clear any competition, that foundation is laid on basic’s, if basics are not cleared surely student do mug up the formula and try to attempt the question which he/she won’t able to understand. As sometimes they don’t understand the question, this is because only their basics fundamental is not cleared. Therefore, we have the main focus on basics.

Batch strength max of 15 students.

Obviously, this factor becomes most and most important in today’s scenario as in school we aren’t able to understand the things not because there are bad teachers but because of large strength, they will uncomfortable to ask their doubts.

This become foremost important now a day’s as most of the time examples given in the book are not understood by students of 8th, 9th and 10th standard. Thereby it utmost important that teachers should understand students and give them those examples which are easy to understand the concepts and demonstrate with Practical Examples.

Friendly Environment

Coaching Classes

Again if anybody work under pressure or threat then the best output will not be able to come from inside of the students. So he/she must be so much so friendly with teachers and environment so that he/she can freely ask his/her doubts, clarify his/her even simple queries. All staff of Tayal Coaching Classes is well mannered and caring yet professional with students.

The concept of the Combination test

The Concept is not new but not followed in many institutes or schools. Yes, The Combination test. The Process is as follow: –

  1. Completion of Chapter 1.
  2. Test on Chapter 1 on weekends.
  3. Completion of Chapter 2.
  4. Test on Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 both.

And this goes on till the end.

Actually, this practice is really helping students of today’s scenario. Most of the time when students learn second or third chapters then they forgot earlier chapters and doesn’t revise it at all due to which they assume that they know that chapter but in a real sense they don’t.

By following this practice, it becomes handy to revise those topics again and retain in memory for a long time. Mean covering the whole syllabus again and again.

Test Series

Looking by name it sounds very simple which is followed by every institute nowadays. But how? that’s different. It also follows some pattern.

Day 1: – Teacher will be in front of students asking his/her doubts. Any level of doubts will be cleared.

Day 2: – Exam day in which Board Pattern environment and paper will be given to students, full of 3 hours.

Day 3: – Discussion on the topic and errors which are made by students during the papers, which can be corrected in further papers.

This methodology had a great impact on the improvement of marks from 15 % to 90% in 12-13 test papers.

Facility of Study Room

Most of the students face the problem that they are not able to study and focus on studies at home due to one or the other reason. Therefore, we provide this facility. The room will be open for 24 hours for the students.

For more information and admission related inquiries, you can check here. Check out the various tricks to boost your memory power.

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