Check Out What Your Stars Say For New Year; Spiritual Guidance For 2019

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10. Capricorn:

Spiritual Guidance

Fear is an emotion you have been feeling all along the last year and its time to release it. It can be fear of people, emotion, feeling or even improvement of your own self. the more the fear you build in you more you block yourself from becoming happy. Try cleansing your body and then mind eventually, through detox or chakra balancing for more subtle energy level clearing. Start the year with love instead of fear.


11. Aquarius:

Spiritual Guidance

This is an exciting time! The most important things to remember are: To stay your course, do not compromise in order to “fit in” but be absolutely true to yourself and your values. Recognize your gifts, the magic is very much in you, just as it is in someone else, don’t put them above you or give away your power.


12. Pisces:

Spiritual Guidance

Break free from whatever it is that is holding you back and keeping you stuck. It could be a physical situation, but more than likely, it is a thought pattern. Allow the waves of love, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and abundance to wash over you. Sometimes you need do nothing else but allow, accept and forgive. This is one of those times.

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Start your new year with new beginnings. Forgive, forget and move on, life is one, enjoy to the fullest and live and let others live. Happy New Year all of you.

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