Check Out What Your Stars Say For New Year; Spiritual Guidance For 2019

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Everyone is excited about the new year, some take a new resolution, some try not to repeat the mistakes did in this year. Some are excited about their future, some are worried about the same. Check out what your stars say for the new year 2019, as Anshul Bafna has come up with Spiritual Guidance.

She says,” As we start a whole new chapter of the new year, the divine helps us with guidance that we can use to work our way through the early few days. Tarot and channeled messages are a great way to get guidance in the things we are doing and situations we need help in. They help us see things with clarity and strength to change how we react to things.

I say in this new year, be open to receiving help from others. Make a decision.

Your decisiveness is the catalyst for Heaven to clear the way for your manifestation. What is it you would like to create and bring in for the New Year?

1. Aries:

Spiritual Guidance

Pay attention to what you hear through repetitive songs, an overheard conversation, a stranger’s words, or words you hear inside your mind. These are signs and messages to make proper decisions. You might be ignoring what your higher consciousness is telling you or warning you about; be alert and things will fall in your favor.


2. Taurus:

Spiritual Guidance

Be re-assured that you are making progress and are indeed on the right path. Although it may not unfold exactly as you anticipate, it will indeed unfold!  Do not give up. Do not turn back, just continue. The setbacks you have experienced are your learning curves. Do not hold on to the past, it’s in the past for a reason. So please let it be there. Even if you feel you want to hold on, the best it to leave there are other doors waiting for you to open them.


3. Gemini:

Spiritual Guidance

This is a time to go deeper into your mind, heart, soul, relationships, and situations in your present life. There may be something amazing that you are not seeing, look again. All is not as it seems.  Your relationships will need to be seen in a new light, with clarity. If you are in a toxic relationship ( even with yourself)  it’s time to release and heal. Give yourself some time to relax, learn to meditate.

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