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Do You Know Why Relationships Fail? Check Out These Various Reasons

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Love is the most beautiful experience one can go through, having said that there are so many people who are in love and are miserable.

Love is an underrated and overused word in today’s world. A lot of people do not understand love, as love is. The reason for this is love is not supposed to be understood, it is to be felt.

Relationships Fail

Have you ever experienced this statement, “ if you love me you will do this” or “ if you love me you won’t do this ?” Is the love the feeling not enough that it has to be proven and justified by how much you can do something for some.

Anshul Bafna Entertales

A modern monk, Anshul Bafna who is Spiritual Coach, mystic, and a business psychologist training and coaching people across the country sheds light on why relationships fail.

She deals with people struggling in their life in terms of relationships, giving them spiritual guidance and relationships healings through her sessions and workshops at her center and at corporates. Connect with her team over email [email protected].


Reasons Of Relationships Fail:



Relationships Fail

She mentions that the first thing why relationships fail is fear. Fear and love are two opposite vibrational frequencies.  Of course, we do not want the person to leave us and we do things against our character or wishes to save some a relationship. We tend to respond to love with “fear”.

I am not saying we shouldn’t do things for others, we should it keeps a balance in any relationship of course when its two ways. But when we do it every time, trying to prove your love for someone just by doing things to keep them happy or a relationship alive is not called love anymore, it has turned into slavery!



Relationships Fail

Control is another reason why relationships sink. One of the two always wants to control the other. We tend to put boundaries in love, who to love, when to love, how much to love and so on so forth, but love has no boundaries. It is pure and clean.  As long as the boundaries are healthy it is good but when they start choking the other’s existence, it starts killing the love.


Past Relationships

Relationships Fail

Another reason for failed relationships are past relationships, we carry on old baggage to the new one. They can positive or negative, we do not accept the new ones with love and acceptance. Even if they are happy new relationships, we live with the past baggage of a failed relationship and it haunts our present on. Then, of course, comes in the fear factor.

Many relationships, are bound together with fear and not love, the only reason is – we do not know who and what we are and but we want the chemistry to work, but it will never.

When you do not know an ingredient the mixture you cant expect the outcome as desired.

When we begin to learn about yourself and awaken to our true nature, it’s the first step to spiritual awakening and self-healing. Also, you can check out the classic ways to fail in life.

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