Cristiano Ronaldo Is Transferred To Juventus, Check Out How Much He Will Earn In An Hour

He Has Become One Of The Four Most Expensive Players


While everyone has his attention on FIFA World Cup 2018, news trapped their attention. The news was about the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. It was reported that the Italian club Juventus placed a bid for the Portuguese footballer. And Cristiano found the deal pleasing. Later on, it was officially announced that Ronaldo has signed a 4-year deal with Juventus for £99.2 million. By signing the deal, Ronaldo has become one of the most expensive footballers.


He Will Earn A Whopping Amount

According to, this is the breakup of how much Cristiano Ronaldo will earn at Juventus Football Club:

12,00,00,000 Euros in four years (9,69,20,10,831 Rupees)

3,00,00,000 Euros a year (2,42,30,02,716 Rupees)

2,500,000 Euros a month (20,19,16,893 Rupees)

625,000 Euros a week (5,04,79,223 Rupees)

89,285 Euros a day (72,11,259 Rupees)

3,720 Euros an hour (3,00,457 Rupees)

62 Euros a minute (5,007 Rupees)


Showed Gratitude For Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo Income In Juventus

Ronaldo had a long journey with Real Madrid and after the official announcement of the deal; he wrote a letter to the fans and showed his gratitude towards his previous club. He wrote, “These years in Real Madrid, and in this city of Madrid, have been possibly the happiest of my life. I only have feelings of enormous gratitude for this club, for its fans and for this city. I can only thank all of them for the love and affection I have received,” he wrote.“However, I believe that the time has come to open a new stage in my life and that is why I have asked the club to accept transferring me. I feel that way and I ask everyone, and especially our fans, so please understand me.”


He Thanked The Fans

Cristiano Ronaldo Income In Juventus

He further added, “Thank you infinitely once more to our fans and thanks also to Spanish Football. During these nine exciting years, I have played against great players. My respect and my recognition are for all of them.”

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