Which South Indian State Is Most Different From Other South Indian State And Why?

South Indian State


Among the South Indian States, Andhra Pradesh is a stand out among them.

The uniqueness of Andhra Pradesh goes like this:

Most IIT ians

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It is the state which sends maximum number of candidates to IITs.

Andhra Cuisine

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Andhra cuisine is rich in spices. This is something which is very unique. People around would be wondering when they eat that salted chilly without any complaining.

Unbiased people

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People here are not biased towards the others origin. They talk to you if they like you as a person, you need it be from Andhra to make good friends here.

Doctor/ Engineer in every house

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By watching movies, don't come to a conclusion that we deal with faction a lot. There is no exaggeration, even if it is I said that there is an ENGINEER/ doctor at every home.

God Fearing

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People are God fearing .They usually pay visit to any of the famous holy destinations around.

Actor adoration

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People are movie buffs. Actors are adored.

Most Emigrants

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In huge numbers people emigrate either for higher studies or for lucrative jobs.

Language is no barrier as people here can communicate easily in Hindi.

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