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Six Things A Guy Do To Show He Is Damn Serious About You

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You like him. Are you having serious thoughts about settling down with him. Your friends say you both seem happy together and look like made for each other. And you are almost sure he is too, or is he not? Should you ask him about his plans for settling or getting committed or is not worth the wait? Fret not, the following are sure signs that he is into you! 


1. Meeting The Family


Have you met each other's families? Men do not introduce their girlfriends to their parents unless they are really serious about them. He also attempts to make a good impression in front of your family and friends.


2. Respects Your Opinion


Does he constantly ask your opinion on things that matter and discusses them with you? Does he listen to them and respects your reasons behind your opinion? You can find him talking about his career, future and dreams without inhibition and accepts your views about them.


3. Doesn't Ignore Your Missed Calls


He may not be available at your beck and call. He may have been busy and was not able to pick your phone call. But he does call you back a while later and offer clarification on why he was not able to attend your call.


4. Has Genuine Curiosity 


He is interested to know about your day and the people in your life. He may or may not remember your best friend's birthday, but he makes sure he knows her nick name and the reason for your last night spat between you two. 


5. Makes plan (including holidays)


He takes initiative to make plans, sleepover and even your holidays. Is there a common friend's wedding you guys have to attend, he makes sure you are his plus one and you will know it.


6. Tries To Talk About His Interests


Be it cricket or the new action movie that has been announced. You know all about them, whether you like it or not. You find yourself being dragged to all his favorite places and as a plus, you get to hear all about the stories associated with it.

So does your guy do all this and more? If Yes? Then lady, he is pretty serious about you, just hang on there. It is only a matter of time now, before he pops up the question.

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