Sonu Sood Gets COVID-19 Patient Airlifted From Nagpur To Hyderabad For Treatment

Sonu Sood Airlifts COVID Patient Nagpur To Hyderabadvia

Sonu Sood became a real-life hero for millions of people. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Sonu Sood has been a knight in shining armor for many people. The actor has helped people reaching back to their hometowns. He also helped people stuck in different parts of the world as well. He is called messiah by the people. A person who did mostly negative roles in the movie is a real-life superhero.

Recently, Sonu Sood also contacted the COVID-19 virus. However, within 6 days, the actor came negative. Sonu Sood keeps on helping needy people whether it was a need for oxygen cylinders, beds, or remedisivir injections. He is leaving no stone unturned to help people. Now, Sonu Sood has helped a COVID-19 patient named Bharti.

Sonu Sood Helping Workers

Sonu Sood helped Bharti airlifted in an air ambulance from Nagpur to Hyderabad for special treatment. Bharti has lost almost  85-90% of her lungs due to a COVID-19 infection. Sonu has helped her to get shifted to Apollo hospital in Hyderabad from Nagpur. Sonu told ANI,

“Doctors had said that the chances are 20 percent and asked me whether I still wanted to go ahead with it. I said ‘Of course. She is a 25-year-old young girl and she will fight the battle hard and she will come out of it stronger that’s why we took this chance and decided to get an air ambulance and the best team of doctors in the country to treat her. She will recover and come back soon.”

Sonu Sood took the first dose of the vaccine at Apollo Hospital in Punjab on April 7th, Still, he got contracted the virus. However, the good news is he became negative within a week. Sonu Sood has also launched ‘Sanjeevani – A Shot of Life’, an initiative to encourage people to get themselves vaccinated against coronavirus. Well done Sonu, you are doing outstanding work.

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