These Are The Things You Should Avoid While Doing Laundry

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Once in a week is the most common timetable for everyone to do laundry works. No one will take it as an easy job even the machine is there to complete the major tasks. However, we cannot dress up without laundry. Here are a few things and mistakes to avoid while doing laundry.


1. Staking Up Clothes For The Weekends

Laundry Common Mistakes

Mostly everyone takes off the dirty clothes from the laundry basket on weekends to do the laundry. It is done so the weekends are the days when we are out of professional works and many of us will have a lot of time to do nothing. It is true that you may have a lot of time but there is the chance of getting tired if you are the only one on the duty. Now washing machine reduced the work and time required so it’s become the choice of everyone to load the dirty for the weekends. It can be avoided but how can I impose. It is the personal choice and mindset of an individual.


2. Using The Non-Proportional Detergent Level

Laundry Common Mistakes

Using required detergent to the number of clothes is recommended. Since the detergent level cannot be defined exactly but you can become an expert if you are testing your clothes smell and clothes quality after every laundry. Then automatically you will come to know the level for your clothes.


3. Leaving Your Clothes Not Sanitized

Laundry Common Mistakes

World Health Organization and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention have said that the respiratory droplets on the clothes will spread viruses from one person to another. Washing the clothes will remove the dirt from the clothes but it is not sure the viruses are killed or removed. So it is advised in this pandemic to sanitize your clothes. You can use laundry sanitizer. Don’t forget to add 2 capfuls of sanitizer while you are soaking clothes in detergent. Laundry sanitizer like Dettol Laundry sanitizer is available in the market and makes use of it. The sanitizer will kill or remove the germs in the clothes.


4. Forget To Take Off Clothes From The Washing Machine

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We know that the washing machine will clean clothes but we forget we had instructed the machine. It will be running for the whole day if we forget to give stop instruction and take the clothes out of it. Prolonged washing is not good for clothes. It will reduce clothes life.

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