Shah Rukh Khan’s Reply To His Teacher Is Utterly Inspirational

shah rukh khan


Shah Rukh Khan is arguably the most anticipated actors in Bollywood. Moreover, every time he acts, he brings a new level of pleasantness to us. Apart from the acting skills, Shah Rukh Khan is alluring everyone with his sensitive and down to earth attitude. This time he flashed his lovable attitude on twitter while replying to his teacher on the occasion of teacher’s day.


Friendly Bond With Teachers

shah rukh khan

Most of us know that SRK was a student of economic honors from 1986 to 1989 in Hansraj College of Delhi University. He completed his graduation from there and received his graduation Degree from the college in February 2016. It has been mentioned at several places that SRK and his teachers shared a friendly bond.  


Video Of The Teacher

Teacher’s day is the occasion that refreshes the memory of teachers and students. Likewise this, Shah Rukh Khan’s teacher recorded the video and Delhi times shared the video of Anita Mam “the lady teacher of SRK on twitter”.  In the video the teacher is recycling the past moments of SRK. Moreover, she is telling about his habit of late coming. Furthermore, she stated that SRK was a brilliant student that topped Hansraj College of Delhi University. All in all, the teacher told about the first opportunity King Khan got in acting.  


Respectful Reply

For this tribute from his teacher, SRK replied in possibly the most respectful way. There is no denying that he is a true gentleman and he knows how to respect and also how to get respected. In straight and humble words he thanked everyone, whoever made a slight increment in his confidence.


Everyone Respects Him

Then a series of retweets broke out and many people including Aamir Khan came to show their props to the ultimate entertainer Shah Rukh Khan.

He is a great actor as well as a great person. Isn’t he? Share your thoughts with us. Do you know Shah Rukh Khan has land on the moon. Read here.


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