You Can Overcome Anything If You Have Courage.. And This Acid Attack Victim Proves That.

Acid Attack VictimAcid Attack Victim


This world is a combination of both good and evil. Some people face utmost cruelty. Among those, only few of them will survive with great courage and determination.

One such great lady is Resham Khan. After a stranger threw acid on her, now she was out celebrating her 21st birthday. Usually, those injuries and burns haunt for whole life, but she did not let that happen.

Resham has been brave since the day it happened. She wrote on her blog about the time she was scared to go to the local shop. She said she was horrified by the fact that people might judge her.

Acid Attack Victim2

“Today I was too petrified to walk to my local shop. Too scared to face the world. Too scared of the looks I might get. Too scared to tackle the question “how are you”. Just too scared. That’s all I’ve been. Terrified and reluctant. My life on pause, frozen with fear.”

On the eve of Eid, she shared some pictures after her recovery. And, it she looks amazingly beautiful! The pictures are heart-warming. Just look at that courageous woman!

Acid Attack Victim1

And obviously, the Internet can’t stop praising her!

1. Cowardness bends before courageousness

2. Gorgeous indeed!

3. Those heels!

4. The bravery

5. And we too..

No problem in this world is too big. Every problem has solution. What all need is patience, perseverance, passion and more importantly finding solution with peacefulness in heart.

What do you say? Share us in the comments. Read the story of brave female IPS officers here.

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