8 Things Owned By Shah Rukh Khan That Display His Spendthrift Lifestyle




Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most successful actors of Bollywood. Moreover, he is on the eighth spot on the list of highest paid actors of the world 2017. Since, the richness brings the extravagant lifestyle; hence, Shah Rukh Khan is also famous for his wealth. From Roll Royce to the Harley Davidson the actor has a wide collection of things that are far away from a common man. So today we have brought you the 8 things owned by SRK that display his spendthrift lifestyle.


1. Land On The Moon

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There are rumors that SRK bought a plot on moon. The charge for one plot is just $20. However, it is unclear that how much land SRK has bought there. Although it is probably the cheapest thing that SRK owns, somehow it is extravagant.


2. Customized Vanity Van

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The custom designed vanity van that has an amazing look in the interior costs $600,000. From led lights to a huge cinema screen everything is so fascinating in this van.


3. House In London

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SRK bought a house in London that costs nearly 20 million pounds. The beautifully designed house attracts our attention right from the first sight.


4. Dubai Villa

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Bought in 2007, SRK paid 14.4 million Dirham for the villa. Located in the palm island the villa is spread in 14,000 square feet. Moreover, the gigantic villa has a private beach and a swimming pool.


5. BMW 7 Series

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BMW is ultra popular in entire world as well as among all the Indian celebrities and SRK is no exception to that. The actor owns 2 BMWs, the better one is the BMW 7 series that worth 60,000 pounds.


6. Mannat

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Spread over 26,000 square feet, the bungalow worth INR 113 crore. It the prime residence of the actor and all the time, large number of fans can be seen at the gate.


7. Harley Davidson

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The bike was gifted to him by the director Rohit shetty. SRK was too happy to resist the temptation to share it on social media.


8. KKR

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The actor is the co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders. KKR is an IPL team worth $3.8 billion, so this is the most expensive thing that an actor owns.

This is just a sneak peek at the things own and by this sneak peek you would now have the idea how much luxurious the life of SRK is.

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